A video camera stabilizer for iPhones, Smartphones, Point-and-Shoot cameras, and DSLRs


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If you have ever shot video before, you have probably thought: How do I get professional-looking footage that is smooth and stable? How do I get that gliding, floating camera look, and how do I stop shooting shaky amateur-looking footage that gives viewers a headache?

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"The easy to store, hand-held stabilizer is going to revolutionize the way amateur filmmakers shoot video" Trendhunter

This is where the Picosteady comes in

We set out to design a stabilizer that we could use to shoot professional-looking footage with a wide range of cameras : DSLR cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, GoPro cameras, iPhones (including the new iPhone 5) and most smartphones. Smartphones are the most used gadgets globally and therefore, Picosteady makes it a point to cater to the needs of smartphone users. As crypto trading can be done through smartphones, traders can trade using them all the time. The automated platforms like the bitiq can be used on smartphones too, which makes it more convenient for the traders. Visit coincierge.de bitiq to know more about this crypto trading bot.

More on the Picosteady

- You will start using it minutes after you take it out of the box. Just mount your camera, balance it with the simple counterweights and you are ready to shoot.

- It will work with almost any camera including: point-and-shoot cameras, GoPro cameras, the iPhone, and most smartphones. It also works great with "small" DSLR's like the Canon T2i or Nikon D5100. It will not work with larger/heavier DSLR's such as the Canon 5D Mk2/3, 7D or the Nikon D7000

- The standard 1/4-20 thumbscrew will allow you to mount most cameras and the included universal smartphone holder will allow you to use the Picosteady with most smartphones and all iPhones (including the iPhone 5).

- Its ultra light weight (6.5 oz/180 g) and very compact size (5" x 6.5") means you'll actually carry it with you, greatly improving any footage you shoot, from home video to amateur film.

- It's affordable.

- It will last a very long time and handle the abuse thanks to its solid construction. We selected quality materials such as high grade aluminum and solid brass to ensure long-term durability. The balancer arm is precision laser cut and powdercoated for a long-lasting finish.

- It is made and assembled here in the USA.

How do I use the Picosteady with an iPhone or smartphone?

The Picosteady comes standard with a universal iPhone/smartphone mount compatible with most smartphones, including the iPhone 5. Smartphones wider than 62mm or 2.4", will not work with the universal smartphone mount. You will need to purchase a mount separately. If you only want to use your iPhone 4/4S, you can choose to upgrade to the Glif for an extra $15.